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  • Solstice return to the Stage

    Solstice return to the Stage

    England’s Epic Metal dissidents SOLSTICE are currently preparing to throw down the gauntlet to all would-be tyrants and usurpers. Bonded by blood, and with a renewed sense of purpose, a return to live forays is now imminent. New material forged in the fires of Wayland’s Smithy is incoming, to be delivered with the bone crushing…

  • End of the Tour

    End of the Tour

    The Chthonic Odio European tour has concluded, culminating in a pair of passionate performances at Reaper Festival in Derby. Thirty-five dates in fourteen countries over six weeks, with the final UK stretch booked and managed by myself. Ably assisted by promoters and venues up and down the country, and many superb supports. This tour was…

  • Cthonic Odio Tour: White is the new Black

    Cthonic Odio Tour: White is the new Black

    Stand out in white with this delightful Violentor Tour Shirt. Designed by legendary Australian artist Rok, it will be available on tour this coming week. Sizes S, L, XL will be available, so hit me up at the shows.

  • The road to Mount Doom

    The road to Mount Doom

    Looking back at a victorious weekend working with American Doom Metal legends Orodruin, supporting Yorkshire’s Iron Void on the first leg of their 25th Anniversary UK tour. Driving, loading, and handling merch and door duties for a trio of riff-heavy shows in Bradford, London and Bristol. Life on the road is seldom smooth, and there…

  • Cthonic Odio UK Tour – Torchbearer

    Cthonic Odio UK Tour – Torchbearer

    WED 26 The Gryphon, Bristol + Torchbearer Facebook • Tickets Supporting the second date of the Cthonic Odio UK tour in Bristol are unsigned Newport / London metal band TORCHBEARER. Formed in 2016 by guitarist /vocalist Ollie Gould, bassist Mo Bashir and vocalist Andy Mansell, with the current drummer Ollie Sitford having joined in 2021.…

  • Propaganda Transmission 1: Cthonic Odio UK Tour

    Propaganda Transmission 1: Cthonic Odio UK Tour

    Introducing PROPAGANDA TRANSMISSIONs, a semi regular series of short videos to showcase new projects, give production updates, and feature other artists I appreciate. Brief snippets of work, statements of intent, and more to come. For the first episode, we feature the Cthonic Odio UK Tour, with on the road messages from NervoChaos and Violentor.

  • Cthonic Odio Tour: Unburier / Death Assault

    Cthonic Odio Tour: Unburier / Death Assault

    FRI 28 Underground, Plymouth + Unburier, Death Assault Facebook • Tickets Bolstering support for the Plymouth date of the Cthonic Odio Tour are a pair of up and coming bands from the South West. Hailing from Somerset, UNBURIER bring a technical twist to Death Metal. With recent EP “Twisted Existence” going down a storm, they…

  • Doom Shall Rise!

    Doom Shall Rise!

    HeathenStorm Productions are on the road this weekend with cult Chilean doomsters King Heavy, taking in both UK dates of their brief jaunt to Europe alongside Yorkshire’s own Iron Void. Although I’m not doing much at Friday’s Wakefield show other than looking pretty and maybe hawking a shirt or two; duty demands I drive them…

  • Announcing the Cthonic Odio UK Tour

    Announcing the Cthonic Odio UK Tour

    It is with great pleasure that HeathenStorm Productions announce the UK leg of the upcoming Cthonic Odio Tour. Featuring Brazilian Death Metal veterans NervoChaos and Italian Speed Thrashers Violentor, an intimate night of unbridled brutality is assured wherever the tour lands – with an old school ticket price to match! Working tirelessly alongside Tumba Produções and Etrurian…

  • Bradford Invades Britain

    Bradford Invades Britain

    Way back at the turn of the century, November 2000 to be precise; The Enchanted threw together a small UK tour alongside Bradford bands Bloodstream and Purity Cries. Our first extended endeavour, we found great success in overcoming the challenges of getting to and from venues and making sure folk turned up. With an aesthetic…