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  • Into the Sixth Decade

    Into the Sixth Decade

    With a full half-century now behind me, it seems appropriate to mark the moment and look ahead to what remains of the future. My birthdays always bring with them a twinge of melancholy, and this year has been no different. These past months have been weary to body and soul, stressful for many reasons obvious…

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  • Nymåne Fødelsdag

    Nymåne Fødelsdag

    Wishing the very best of Birthdays to Valr Kjósa. Shadowmother, Stormcrow, and shaker of all things acoustic in Trismegistus Hex. As her special day falls upon the New Moon this year, we are reminded that Gemini season is definitely upon us. Reinforcing the themes of duality present in our work. Ever creative, Valr has recently…

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  • Memories of Midsummer Madness

    Memories of Midsummer Madness

    After a 2500+ mile round trip to the mountain, I finally have time to reflect upon the journey. One which took me across eight countries and to the brink of wild abandon. The first time I’ve celebrated my actual birthday in Abtenau, it was humbling to receive such kindness from friends old and new. My…

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