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  • Tears of the Mountain

    Tears of the Mountain

    I was not alone for Midsummer. It had been a hard year for many. Some had lost those dear, and others still had lost part of themselves. The abrasion of existence scratching away at the best of us, compelling cruelty and distrust through uncertain times. A common burden, one often and needlessly borne alone. Thoughts…

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  • The Right Time has Come

    The Right Time has Come

    Had anyone asked at the start of the year if I would find myself sharing a stage with the legendary Arthur Brown, let alone sharing a record label, then I would have laughed heartily at such a suggestion. But it’s been a very strange year for SOLSTICE, one with too little laughter for my liking.…

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  • Never Surrender!

    Never Surrender!

    Announcing a short run of UK shows for SOLSTICE this July. Heading out on the road with Australian anarchists DESTRÖYER 666 and London Black Metal heretics NECRO RITUAL, this line-up will lay waste to Glasgow and London on the 18th and 20th July. We headline an additional date in Stockport on the 19th with local…

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  • End of Vortex

    End of Vortex

    It is sad in recent weeks to learn of the sudden and permanent closure of Wakefield’s Vortex Bar and Nightclub. Having put on a few shows in recent times, and playing there myself with Solstice, I was immediately impressed by the quality of both sound and staging. A professional, talented crew always worked hard with…

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  • Eteenpäin Suomeen!

    Eteenpäin Suomeen!

    Veteran Finnish concert bookers Metal Warning will bring SOLSTICE to Suomi this September. Taking in Tampere, Turku, and Jyväskylä for an unforgettable weekend of Epic Heavy Metal and rampant ribaldry. Riding out for all three dates are deranged pagan sons Cardinals Folly, with local supports locking down in the months to come. We’re working on…

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  • Remembering the Sorceress

    Remembering the Sorceress

    She was the “Sorceress of my Soul”. An affectation, drunkenly blathered in Brussels at one of the many, yet honestly few, gatherings in which we crossed paths. Alex took such purple prose in good grace, as sincerity welled up my eyes in significance of our friendship. Nine years ago, she and partner Konstantin took me…

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  • A New Year’s Missive

    A New Year’s Missive

    In this interim week of crapulent self-indulgence, there’s nothing more fitting (unlike one’s trousers) than looking back over the past twelve months. A year which has seen triumph and tragedy alike. Coming into the first free year since lockdown, things were always going to be unsteady. Eager to reconnect with others and embrace new challenges,…

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