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  • My Week with the Mentors

    My Week with the Mentors

    This was never going to be an easy tour. Trouble started once the announcement was made, with a clandestine call to cancel one of the shows leaving me on the backfoot towards finding a replacement. Having support bands become less available than hoped also threw some surprises my way. With energies devoted to resolving the…

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  • Free Fix – Live!

    Free Fix – Live!

    Filmed on the last night of the Mentors tour at Ye Olde Salutation Inn, Nottingham. If anyone has footage from any of the shows, get in touch and send it in!

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  • The Reviews are In!

    The Reviews are In!

    “No hate to Scream & Shake Horror Bar or Hot Pink Sewage, but mentors acted out of line tonight, flashed ass and pubes at an 18 year old, and laughed about it afterwards, and had to be told to piss off multiple times King’s of sleaze indeed, sleaze bags”

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  • Under the Hood

    Under the Hood

    It’s been a frantic few weeks pulling everything together for the MENTORS tour, with complete line-ups only secured as the New Year ticked into being. An exhausting endeavour, although I’m never one to back away from such challenge. Given timing and circumstance, I knew this wouldn’t be an easy ride. Cancellations and complaints forced swift…

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  • In Defence of Offence

    In Defence of Offence

    It’s no secret that MENTORS have drawn ire in their half-century of history. Starting in the 1970s with the “I Can” attitude of youthful rebellion, these offensive upstarts pioneered the Shock Rock genre through their indomitable lyrics and style. Appalling, gross, and tongue planted firmly in collective cheek, this band were here to repulse and…

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  • Into the Vortex

    Into the Vortex

    We’re all very pleased to announce the Mentors UK Tour is finally back up to full strength! Replacing the cancelled Newcastle date with a welcome Yorkshire exclusive on Monday 8th January. A very special gig this one, as it will be the first of hopefully not-too-many fundraiser shows for Wakefield’s Vortex Bar and Nightclub. Helping…

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  • Effin’ up the Effenaar

    Effin’ up the Effenaar

    MENTORS closed off the Friday at Eindhoven Metal Meeting in chaotic form. Many thanks to Adam Richardson for capturing the moment on grubby video. With shows selling out across Europe, they’ll soon bring their depravity to Britain. So make sure to get your tickets in advance. Tickets and Updates: https://heathenstorm.com/mentors-uk Direct video link: https://youtu.be/P-2_T83o33E (Cover…

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  • Dutch Courage

    Dutch Courage

    The Mentors European Tour starts tonight at Eindhoven Metal Meeting, closing off the small stage with fifty minutes of filth from 00:40. Plenty of time to check them out even if you’re watching the other guys in hoods on the main stage. If you’re there and can get some footage, please send it over! The…

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  • Start the New Year with Sleaze

    Start the New Year with Sleaze

    HeathenStorm Productions are thrilled to announce their first tour of 2024. Depraved shock-rock legends MENTORS make their long-dreaded return to the UK, bringing their legacy of obscene filth to a town (reasonably) near you. In association with Etrurian Legion Promotion and local promoters, we’ll be (s)hitting up the following locales in short succession: Thursday 4th…

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  • Chthonic Odio Tour: Cabeças Cortadas

    Chthonic Odio Tour: Cabeças Cortadas

    TUES 25 The Black Heart, London + Cabeças Cortadas Venue • Facebook • Tickets Opening July’s Chthonic Odio UK Tour at Camden’s infamous Black Heart are CABEÇAS CORTADAS. London based, but Brazilian by heart, they honour their 80s hardcore crossover roots with pride. Translating to “Severed Heads” in Portuguese, necks will snap and fists fly…

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