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  • Battles on the brink of War

    Battles on the brink of War

    The dust has settled on the English leg of the DIOCLETIAN tour. Five dates of utter devastation across the country. Filling venues to capacity almost every night, with those who missed out eager for more. Ending the tour with the debut UK performance of ABRAXXUM was an inspired conclusion, but each and every show delivered…

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  • Storming the Castle

    Storming the Castle

    DIOCLETIAN and TRIVAX are now in the country, and the campaign is very much underway. Tonight the iron fist lays siege to Newcastle, with the bands set up and ready to destroy. We are well on our way to a full house tonight. An auspicious start to the tour and one well earned.

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  • Destruction Imminent!

    Destruction Imminent!

    With both Madrid and Berlin cleaved asunder tonight, DIOCLETIAN and TRIVAX are soon airbourne to England to bring the destruction home. All dates are locked and loaded, and we are all raring to get on the road. The opening assault converges in Newcastle tomorrow night, for a Saturday sortie to remember. The Exclusive Tour Vinyl…

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  • A Saintly Persecution

    A Saintly Persecution

    Lydda, Palestine. Year 303 in the Common Era. The Roman Emperor, emboldened by a will to restore the glory of old, has declared an edict to persecute and punish the encroaching Christian faith. A young Cappadocian tribune, a believer, refuses to comply and speaks out against the decree. For his defiance, this once-trusted soldier is…

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  • Against all Opposition

    Against all Opposition

    “They paid the ultimate price for their freedom, and we become their voice.” With the eyes of the world focused on Middle East escalation last weekend, it was with timely prescience that TRIVAX unveiled their video ‘Against all Opposition’. Released mere hours before missiles took flight, it presents a scathing critique of the Iranian regime.…

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  • Hails to the Half Million

    Hails to the Half Million

    HeathenStorm Productions offer hearty congratulations to Trivax for the success of their video clip from album opener Azrael (عزرائیل). An anti-authoritarian statement of intent, empowered by their experience of musical oppression in Iran and elsewhere. Energetically shot by Morbid Angle and released last July, it has already topped half a million views on YouTube. Drawing…

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