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NervoChaos / Violentor - Cthonic Odio UK Tour, July 2023
Video Work
  • Cthonic Odio Tour: Cabeças Cortadas

    Cthonic Odio Tour: Cabeças Cortadas

    TUES 25 The Black Heart, London + Cabeças Cortadas Venue • Facebook • Tickets Opening July’s Cthonic Odio UK Tour at Camden’s infamous Black Heart are CABEÇAS CORTADAS. London based, but Brazilian by heart, they honour their 80s hardcore crossover roots with pride. Translating to “Severed Heads” in Portuguese, necks will snap and fists fly […]

  • There Is No Tomorrow

    There Is No Tomorrow

    Principal photography has begun on my most ambitious video project yet. Working with Progressive Gothic Rock band Dawn of Elysium on a combination of music video and sci-fi short. More details will be released as the project develops, but the first day of shooting was a tremendous success. Working in Studio Five at Keighley’s Jam On Top…

  • Cthonic Odio Tour: Violentor

    Cthonic Odio Tour: Violentor

    VIOLENTOR were born in 2004 from the mind of Alessio Medici, and his will to play raw and fast Thrash Metal influenced by the Metal Gods of the past. A “No Rest for Metal” band in its purest form, Violentor are always on the road, forever underground, and non-stop touring their 2022 album ‘Manifesto di…

  • Doom Shall Rise!

    Doom Shall Rise!

    HeathenStorm Productions are on the road this weekend with cult Chilean doomsters King Heavy, taking in both UK dates of their brief jaunt to Europe alongside Yorkshire’s own Iron Void. Although I’m not doing much at Friday’s Wakefield show other than looking pretty and maybe hawking a shirt or two; duty demands I drive them…

  • Cthonic Odio Tour: NervoChaos

    Cthonic Odio Tour: NervoChaos

    Outside countries tend to look at South-American countries as “exotic”. But we can assure you there’s nothing exotic about having 95% of the population struggling for basic needs, high crime rates and government after government doing nothing to change the situation – in fact, following their own agenda to keep the ball rolling. This is…

  • Announcing the Cthonic Odio UK Tour

    Announcing the Cthonic Odio UK Tour

    It is with great pleasure that HeathenStorm Productions announce the UK leg of the upcoming Cthonic Odio Tour. Featuring Brazilian Death Metal veterans NervoChaos and Italian Speed Thrashers Violentor, an intimate night of unbridled brutality is assured wherever the tour lands – with an old school ticket price to match! Working tirelessly alongside Tumba Produções and Etrurian…

  • Burning Chaos

    Burning Chaos

    Another lyric video collaboration with German Label Witches Brew. Heralding the physical release of “Maleficus Sabbatum”, the sophomore album from renowned US Black Metal project A.I.D.S. Aiming for a more abstract, psychedelic vibe than the genre would expect or imply. This video takes a trip through occult symbolism and Lycanthropic Magick to deliver the bestial…

  • Domination


    A lyric video collaboration with German label Witches Brew and Swedish Thrashers Morphetik. “Domination” demanded a direct statement, juxtaposing military archive footage from the past century alongside artwork from upcoming album “Proclamation of War”. Exploring through dissonant imagery how the voting process can empower harsh realpolitik. It was a pleasure to work with both band…

  • Behind the Merch table

    Behind the Merch table

    I recently had the privilege of working the merch table for melancholic doom siren Jayn Maiven’s DARKHER, as she played a packed out local show at The Trades Club in Hebden Bridge. One of my favourite musicians, as well as a good friend; it’s always a delight to be part of the crew – whether…

  • The Weird Mansion

    The Weird Mansion

    A Lovecraftian lyric video for Italian newcomers Canticle, who requested my services by name when label Witches Brew suggested they visualise the opening track of their debut EP – Mortem Tyrannis. Although the first draft of this project was more ambitious, more animated, and a little more tongue in cheek; it was ultimately decided to…