• Eteenpäin Suomeen!

    Eteenpäin Suomeen!

    Veteran Finnish concert bookers Metal Warning will bring SOLSTICE to Suomi this September. Taking in Tampere, Turku, and Jyväskylä for an unforgettable weekend of Epic Heavy Metal and rampant ribaldry. Riding out for all three dates are deranged pagan sons Cardinals Folly, with local supports locking down in the months to come. We’re working on…

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  • Against the “Sin” of Association

    Against the “Sin” of Association

    I’ve taken some time to collect my thoughts on the recent accusations levelled against my band and bandmates, despite fervent demands that I make an immediate statement of disassociation. I will not be rushed by those on the periphery who have offered no other interest in my presence than spiteful gossip. I’ll spare repeating the…

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  • Solstice return to the Stage

    Solstice return to the Stage

    England’s Epic Metal dissidents SOLSTICE are currently preparing to throw down the gauntlet to all would-be tyrants and usurpers. Bonded by blood, and with a renewed sense of purpose, a return to live forays is now imminent. New material forged in the fires of Wayland’s Smithy is incoming, to be delivered with the bone crushing…

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