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  • Lurking Beyond the Black

    Lurking Beyond the Black

    This August, HeathenStorm Productions herald a night of Black Metal mayhem at Wakefield’s Vortex Bar and Nightclub. In association with Subterranean Promotions, three of England’s finest join forces to deliver a bloody assault to the senses. Straight to the throat and without limitation, both the old-school sound and a deeper darkness will be honoured. Savagery…

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  • Hails to the Half Million

    Hails to the Half Million

    HeathenStorm Productions offer hearty congratulations to Trivax for the success of their video clip from album opener Azrael (عزرائیل). An anti-authoritarian statement of intent, empowered by their experience of musical oppression in Iran and elsewhere. Energetically shot by Morbid Angle and released last July, it has already topped half a million views on YouTube. Drawing…

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  • After the Manifestation

    After the Manifestation

    A worthy weekend was spent in the service of Subterranean Manifestation III; an uncompromising all-day assault of Death, Black and especially War Metal in the capital. With the show itself magnificently arranged by Subterranean Promotions, I was drafted in for the essential duty of delivering the artists to and from the airport and venue. Driving…

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  • London locked in

    London locked in

    The lineup for the London show has locked in nicely, with kudos to Morbid Angle for curating such a barbaric bill. Joining DIOCLETIAN and TRIVAX on stage we have BLOOD CHALICE (FI) and GORGON VOMIT (UK). A stacked bill for a Tuesday, so make sure to turn up early for an evening of apocalyptic excess!…

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  • Fire blades from the Tomb

    Fire blades from the Tomb

    With all the kerfuffle going on, I neglected to honour the long-awaited debut album from Torino’s Ponte del Diavolo – “Fire blades from the Tomb” A unique miscela of Doom Metal, Black Metal, and more than a smattering of Darkwave. With many surprises along the way, this all-too short album culminates with a crushing Nick…

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  • Nexian March

    Nexian March

    Much gratitude to the many promoters and venues who’ve already been in contact to take on this spring’s DIOCLETIAN UK tour. We’re reviewing the offers over the weekend and will get back in touch with everyone once we’ve hammered out the routing. In the meantime, an opening salvo from new album “Inexorable Nexus”, out this…

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  • Chthonic Odio Tour: Reign of Erebus

    Chthonic Odio Tour: Reign of Erebus

    THURS 27 Aatma, Manchester + Reign of Erebus Facebook • Tickets SAT 29 Vortex, Wakefield + Reign of Erebus Facebook • Tickets Joining the Chthonic Odio UK Tour in July for both Northern dates are Black Metal veterans REIGN OF EREBUS. Formed in 1997, Reign of Erebus carved a path for themselves in the underground…

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