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  • Kings Must Die

    Kings Must Die

    Attendees to the Compulsive Necrophilia UK tour were treated to an utterly electrifying performance by Pantheïst. Although I could only capture a fragment of final epic opus “Kings Must Die”, these eight and a half minutes reflect the captivating energy of their Progressive Funeral Doom.

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  • Cult Italian Horror Metal!

    Cult Italian Horror Metal!

    A short video to promote the upcoming ‘Compulsive Necrophilia‘ tour, exhuming Italian Funeral Cultists ABYSMAL GRIEF into the UK this July. Main support for this leg will be from PANTHEÏST, with local Doom acts opening each bill. Together they’ll take in Bristol, Manchester and Brighton before the headliners return to Europe and onwards to Metal…

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  • A Weekend’s Grift with Darkher

    A Weekend’s Grift with Darkher

    Although I’m often to be found helping out local siren DARKHER in all my usual capacities, last weekend reminded me just why the music draws me in. The final dates of an intimate candlelit tour alongside GRIFT and CARCASS OF SIGHS, it fell to Stephen and Karen of The Velvet Sheep to handle merchandise and…

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  • Compulsive Necrophilia in the UK

    Compulsive Necrophilia in the UK

    The Grim Bell tolls thrice in July, as the coldest of funeral ceremonies offer contrast to Summer’s grace. Conspiring with Killtown Bookings, alongside Subterranean Promotions and Paralytic Promotions, HeathenStorm Productions do their part to bring forth cult Italian Doom Metal veterans ABYSMAL GRIEF to the UK. Tour support is provided by PANTHEÏST, with local doom…

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  • Fire blades from the Tomb

    Fire blades from the Tomb

    With all the kerfuffle going on, I neglected to honour the long-awaited debut album from Torino’s Ponte del Diavolo – “Fire blades from the Tomb” A unique miscela of Doom Metal, Black Metal, and more than a smattering of Darkwave. With many surprises along the way, this all-too short album culminates with a crushing Nick…

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  • The road to Mount Doom

    The road to Mount Doom

    Looking back at a victorious weekend working with American Doom Metal legends Orodruin, supporting Yorkshire’s Iron Void on the first leg of their 25th Anniversary UK tour. Driving, loading, and handling merch and door duties for a trio of riff-heavy shows in Bradford, London and Bristol. Life on the road is seldom smooth, and there…

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  • Doom Shall Rise!

    Doom Shall Rise!

    HeathenStorm Productions are on the road this weekend with cult Chilean doomsters King Heavy, taking in both UK dates of their brief jaunt to Europe alongside Yorkshire’s own Iron Void. Although I’m not doing much at Friday’s Wakefield show other than looking pretty and maybe hawking a shirt or two; duty demands I drive them…

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