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  • Selim Lemouchi (1980 – 2014)

    Selim Lemouchi (1980 – 2014)

    Like so many others today, I mark ten years since Selim Lemouchi made his departure. The Devil’s Blood were the soundtrack to an important era of my life. A re-awakening into a vibrant sense of belonging; through years of self-discovery, hedonism and magick. Many stories remain untold from that licentious time, although many averted gazes…

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  • Remembering the Sorceress

    Remembering the Sorceress

    She was the “Sorceress of my Soul”. An affectation, drunkenly blathered in Brussels at one of the many, yet honestly few, gatherings in which we crossed paths. Alex took such purple prose in good grace, as sincerity welled up my eyes in significance of our friendship. Nine years ago, she and partner Konstantin took me…

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  • The Spirit of Sound and Sincerity

    The Spirit of Sound and Sincerity

    As counterpoint to the synth-heavy soundscapes of Trismegistus Hex, we choose to incorporate ancient instruments into the mix. Grounding the rite and providing an alternate take on percussion. Although recently crafted in Poland by NlGHTJART, these throw-bags are used in the traditional style. Filled with pine seeds and dried rowan berries, (facets of Northern nature…

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  • A Shortcut to Gnosis

    A Shortcut to Gnosis

    Fresh from the positive reception of published debut “The Womb of the Wyrm“, Equinox kindly requested a second story. This one for their follow-up Esoteric Horror anthology “Tras el Velo” (Under the Veil) I naturally leapt at the opportunity to work with the publishers again. Once more, I would submit my prose in English, and…

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