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  • After the Manifestation

    After the Manifestation


    A worthy weekend was spent in the service of Subterranean Manifestation III; an uncompromising all-day assault of Death, Black and especially War Metal in the capital. With the show itself magnificently arranged by Subterranean Promotions, I was drafted in for the essential duty of delivering the artists to and from the airport and venue. Driving…

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  • A time apart in the tarmac tundra

    A time apart in the tarmac tundra

    Scattered sparsely along the A1 and elsewhere, OK Diners are a reasonably recent addition to the roadside repast. Offering a British take on the American Diner experience, the kitsch 1950s decor is matched with piped Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll and a sense of novelty nostalgia.  Behind the neon and chrome facade, a sincere wholesomeness pervades the…

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