A time apart in the tarmac tundra

February 2024

A time apart in the tarmac tundra

Scattered sparsely along the A1 and elsewhere, OK Diners are a reasonably recent addition to the roadside repast. Offering a British take on the American Diner experience, the kitsch 1950s decor is matched with piped Rock ‘n’ Roll and a sense of novelty nostalgia. 

Behind the neon and chrome facade, a sincere wholesomeness pervades the chain. With a warm welcome and waitress service, (worthy of an extra tip); food is affordable, cooked fresh, and accompanied by bottomless beverages. A world (and time) apart from the dehumanising touchscreens and rushed franchise overload of the motorway megasites.

As miles melt into memories after another wild weekend, I find myself drawn to waystations such as these to hitch my wanton heart awhile.