Memories of Midsummer Madness

June 2023

Memories of Midsummer Madness

After a 2500+ mile round trip to the mountain, I finally have time to reflect upon the journey. One which took me across eight countries and to the brink of wild abandon.

The first time I’ve celebrated my actual birthday in Abtenau, it was humbling to receive such kindness from friends old and new. My gratitude is absolute.

The mountain itself was different from other years. With music more compatible with my nature, the sound and fury proved empowering to the point of raw, primal madness. Leaving me bruised, bleeding, and enriched with purpose; yet still apart upon my own path.

Where does a wanderer set their roots? It’s obvious I’m happiest in motion, even if few are able to keep up. The road is where I find my strength to stand, and courage to embrace opportunity.

Although sometimes I feel I don’t belong, at the very least my presence is welcome as I pass through. I could not have made the journey without cherished friends who offered enthralling conversation, comfort, and company. Walking with wise, creative souls who crave authenticity as much as I; and making art of our own at the conjunction of ways.

Refreshed and re-energised, these next weeks compel me to catch up with production work. Editing videos, prepping for the tours, and hammering things down for planned projects and exciting collaborations to come.

I am seen. I am heard. I will bring my vision to form.

But how am I going to top this for next year’s big five-oh?