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  • To Dream among the Spires of the Earth

    To Dream among the Spires of the Earth

    With two weeks to go until the annual Alpine pilgrimage to Neudegg Alm and the House of the Holy gathering, I reflect upon one of my rare dabbles into journalism. Back in 2017, the festival had changed. Previously known as ‘Funkenflug’, this year would have it renamed to the current form, and with it a…

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  • Memories of Midsummer Madness

    Memories of Midsummer Madness

    After a 2500+ mile round trip to the mountain, I finally have time to reflect upon the journey. One which took me across eight countries and to the brink of wild abandon. The first time I’ve celebrated my actual birthday in Abtenau, it was humbling to receive such kindness from friends old and new. My…

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