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  • A time apart in the tarmac tundra

    A time apart in the tarmac tundra

    Scattered sparsely along the A1 and elsewhere, OK Diners are a reasonably recent addition to the roadside repast. Offering a British take on the American Diner experience, the kitsch 1950s decor is matched with piped Rock ‘n’ Roll and a sense of novelty nostalgia.  Behind the neon and chrome facade, a sincere wholesomeness pervades the…

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  • Memories of Midsummer Madness

    Memories of Midsummer Madness

    After a 2500+ mile round trip to the mountain, I finally have time to reflect upon the journey. One which took me across eight countries and to the brink of wild abandon. The first time I’ve celebrated my actual birthday in Abtenau, it was humbling to receive such kindness from friends old and new. My…

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