With Alex Czech at House of the Holy 2022, Neudegg Alm
With Alex Czech at House of the Holy 2022, Neudegg Alm

Remembering the Sorceress

February 2024

Remembering the Sorceress

She was the “Sorceress of my Soul”.

An affectation, drunkenly blathered in Brussels at one of the many, yet honestly few, gatherings in which we crossed paths. Alex took such purple prose in good grace, as sincerity welled up my eyes in significance of our friendship.

Nine years ago, she and partner Konstantin took me to the mountain for the first time. To celebrate the Summer Solstice in music, fire and ritual. Not knowing who I really was save a few online conversations, they nonetheless secured a ticket and opened their home and hearts to me; guiding this naive traveller as I stepped into a greater world. Unprepared as I was, they offered their tent while sleeping in the car, granting my own space to contemplate as the elements raged outside.

I was in awe of her kindness, yet remember as she packed and dressed for the wild that she slid a knife into her boot. This was a woman with an admirable energy uniquely her own. Very much aware of the wickedness of the world, yet choosing to be better.

We met again at other gatherings as the years rolled by. Partying in manners unrepeatable to polite company. Hedonistic fire quenched in libation and blood. Sound and fury in all its excess.

At times she witnessed the worst of me. My own self-struggles refracted in narcotic fugues and poorly-considered deeds. But through those lesser moments she inspired the very best.

Cancer is a cruel beast, and she endured for most of the time I knew her. Although Alex chose to face it with the strength and self-assuredness of the woman I first met; she passed peacefully earlier this week. It still feels raw, even obliquely from afar, and my heart goes out to Konstantin and her most beloved ones.

Of all the moments in which our lives intersected, my fondest is sadly the last. 2022’s Solstice gathering marked a return to belonging for many, our people dispersed through lockdowns and travel restrictions. I was so genuinely happy to see Alex again, especially upon the mountain where we first really met. Adorned in furs and bone jewellery, with smile sincere and laughter light. As radiant as evermore, the years of pain diminishing her spirit none.

Then a particular band played, one which I was most eager to see. The music wasn’t her thing, and my headbanging somewhat rambunctious; but she stood next to me through their entire set, sharing the exuberance and exhilaration. A moment of pure crystalline joy, condensed from the aether of madness and inevitability. An indulgence of life’s splendour, and the very light itself.

I would not be the man I am today without her influence. She opened my soul to a world of Magick and wonder, and I will treasure the all-too-brief moments we shared.

Alex Czech is loved, remembered, and will be dearly missed.