The Spirit of Sound and Sincerity

The Spirit of Sound and Sincerity

As counterpoint to the synth-heavy soundscapes of Trismegistus Hex, we choose to incorporate ancient instruments into the mix. Grounding the rite and providing an alternate take on percussion.

Although recently crafted in Poland by NlGHTJART, these throw-bags are used in the traditional style. Filled with pine seeds and dried rowan berries, (facets of Northern nature harvested from her native forest), the bags are hand-thrown and caught close to the microphone. Creating a crunchy rhythmic base to weave modern music around.

Upon receiving these tools, Valr performed an initiation ritual with moonwater, mugwort, and moon blood. Claiming them for personal use, yet infused with a spirit all their own.

While many renowned projects bring ancient music into the modern age, we cast our creativity in the opposite direction. How may the contemporary be recontextualised by the archaic? It is through sacred tools such as these that we consider the question.

Death, rebirth, tradition, blood, moon magick, shadows. These are all aspects of the rite. The glitch of static and synthesiser offers contrast, duality, and a touch of irreverence.

A sincere juxtaposition, and with it we create sound to span the ages.