Chthonic Odio Tour: Reign of Erebus

Reign of Erebus



Aatma, Manchester

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Vortex, Wakefield

+ Reign of Erebus


Joining the Chthonic Odio UK Tour in July for both Northern dates are Black Metal veterans REIGN OF EREBUS.

Formed in 1997, Reign of Erebus carved a path for themselves in the underground UK extreme metal scene until 2005. Sharing the stage with luminary peers such as Aborym (IT), Arkhon Infaustus (FR), Blacklodge (FR). Myrskogg (NOR), Hecate Enthroned (UK), Hellborn (PL), Primordial (IRL), Zyklon (NOR) & Immortal (NOR).

After a long hiatus, the Hampshire-based band has reformed with a new line up!

Following well received appearances at The Blackwood Gathering 2016 (UK), Incineration Festival 2017 (UK) & a number of UK regional gigs, Reign of Erebus cloistered themselves away to work on new material.

2020, the dawn of a seemingly chaotic new decade, Reign of Erebus emerge once again. Existential, adversarial, malice spat through bared teeth, a modern feel yet still honouring sounds from the past. The new album has been 3 years in the making & firmly declares Reign of Erebus ‘De Morte Aeterna’; ‘Of Death Eternal’.

NervoChaos / Violentor - Cthonic Odio UK Tour, July 2023