Bradford Invades Britain

November 2020

Bradford Invades Britain

Way back at the turn of the century, November 2000 to be precise; The Enchanted threw together a small UK tour alongside Bradford bands Bloodstream and Purity Cries. Our first extended endeavour, we found great success in overcoming the challenges of getting to and from venues and making sure folk turned up.

With an aesthetic dipping into WWII-era militaristic cliché, online promotion of this alliance has been mostly lost to time and the now-obsolete Flash website I created before the age of social media. Nonetheless, I remain chuffed at getting the Bantam colours out there in an entirely different context.

The dates were:
Saturday November 18th – The Empress, Bradford
Sunday November 19th – The Redeye, London (with Ostracized)
Tuesday November 21st – The Witchwood, Ashton Under Lyne
Friday November 24th – The Foundry, Birmingham

For most of the tour I had my hair in bizarre tight plaits. Saving maintenance when sleeping in vans, as well as being an annoyance to my fellow bandmembers when swinging them around onstage.

Scene archivist Ian Cassidy was able to capture a few of the sets from the Witchwood date of this tour; which would have pulled more punters were it not a Tuesday…

The Enchanted