• The Right Time has Come

    The Right Time has Come

    Had anyone asked at the start of the year if I would find myself sharing a stage with the legendary Arthur Brown, let alone sharing a record label, then I would have laughed heartily at such a suggestion. But it’s been a very strange year for SOLSTICE, one with too little laughter for my liking.…

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  • Never Surrender!

    Never Surrender!

    Announcing a short run of UK shows for SOLSTICE this July. Heading out on the road with Australian anarchists DESTRÖYER 666 and London Black Metal heretics NECRO RITUAL, this line-up will lay waste to Glasgow and London on the 18th and 20th July. We headline an additional date in Stockport on the 19th with local…

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  • Nymåne Fødelsdag

    Nymåne Fødelsdag

    Wishing the very best of Birthdays to Valr Kjósa. Shadowmother, Stormcrow, and shaker of all things acoustic in Trismegistus Hex. As her special day falls upon the New Moon this year, we are reminded that Gemini season is definitely upon us. Reinforcing the themes of duality present in our work. Ever creative, Valr has recently…

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  • Eteenpäin Suomeen!

    Eteenpäin Suomeen!

    Veteran Finnish concert bookers Metal Warning will bring SOLSTICE to Suomi this September. Taking in Tampere, Turku, and Jyväskylä for an unforgettable weekend of Epic Heavy Metal and rampant ribaldry. Riding out for all three dates are deranged pagan sons Cardinals Folly, with local supports locking down in the months to come. We’re working on…

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  • Against the “Sin” of Association

    Against the “Sin” of Association

    I’ve taken some time to collect my thoughts on the recent accusations levelled against my band and bandmates, despite fervent demands that I make an immediate statement of disassociation. I will not be rushed by those on the periphery who have offered no other interest in my presence than spiteful gossip. I’ll spare repeating the…

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  • Solstice return to the Stage

    Solstice return to the Stage

    England’s Epic Metal dissidents SOLSTICE are currently preparing to throw down the gauntlet to all would-be tyrants and usurpers. Bonded by blood, and with a renewed sense of purpose, a return to live forays is now imminent. New material forged in the fires of Wayland’s Smithy is incoming, to be delivered with the bone crushing…

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  • The Spirit of Sound and Sincerity

    The Spirit of Sound and Sincerity

    As counterpoint to the synth-heavy soundscapes of Trismegistus Hex, we choose to incorporate ancient instruments into the mix. Grounding the rite and providing an alternate take on percussion. Although recently crafted in Poland by NlGHTJART, these throw-bags are used in the traditional style. Filled with pine seeds and dried rowan berries, (facets of Northern nature…

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  • A Tale of Two Triangles

    A Tale of Two Triangles

    Recently, Trismegistus Hex have been made aware of “Par Antra II: TAA”, the latest release by long-established Finnish Ritual Ambient project Halo Manash. We were understandably concerned by the similarity of the artwork of this release to our 2022 EP “Invocations under a Dark Star” – and to a lesser extent the layout of our…

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  • Bradford Invades Britain

    Bradford Invades Britain

    Way back at the turn of the century, November 2000 to be precise; The Enchanted threw together a small UK tour alongside Bradford bands Bloodstream and Purity Cries. Our first extended endeavour, we found great success in overcoming the challenges of getting to and from venues and making sure folk turned up. With an aesthetic…

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