A Tale of Two Triangles

May 2023

A Tale of Two Triangles

Recently, Trismegistus Hex have been made aware of “Par Antra II: TAA”, the latest release by long-established Finnish Ritual Ambient project Halo Manash. We were understandably concerned by the similarity of the artwork of this release to our 2022 EP “Invocations under a Dark Star” – and to a lesser extent the layout of our other releases.

Both designs feature the minimalist motif of an inverted triangle, with symbols on the points and a star at the centre. Although such symbolism is common to the genre, it was the overall layout of their design which drew further comparisons. Namely the white serif text above and below the triangle, contrasting against the black background. 

Upon overlaying one design atop the other; the resemblance becomes obvious, with spacing and proportions identical.

Taking this an an opportunity for communication, rather than a cause for conflict; we reached out to Antii Haapapuro, the artist behind both the project and label Aural Hypnox, for greater understanding.

As unlikely as may seem, from our conversation we conclude this is merely coincidence. The Par Antra project is a process of reduction, and elements found in the artwork for 2004’s “Par Antra I: VIR” could conceivably be reduced towards those seen in the second chapter’s design. Synchronicity can offer strange parallels, and through such happy little accidents, the symbolism of the subconscious may manifest collectively.

We wish the artist well along their path, as we continue along ours.