Cthonic Odio Tour: Violentor


VIOLENTOR were born in 2004 from the mind of Alessio Medici, and his will to play raw and fast Thrash Metal influenced by the Metal Gods of the past.

A “No Rest for Metal” band in its purest form, Violentor are always on the road, forever underground, and non-stop touring their 2022 album ‘Manifesto di Odio’. Taking in dates across Europe and South America before returning to the UK in Summer.

A scream of rebellion, anti-conformism and chaotic disease will take you during the wild and reckless performance of the band. Mixing Heavy, Punk, Thrash and extreme Metal to apocalyptic effect.

Uncompromising in attitude and fury. Nearly two decades of experience on the road will ensure the mayhem never stops.

NervoChaos / Violentor - Cthonic Odio UK Tour, July 2023