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  • End of the Tour

    End of the Tour

    The Chthonic Odio European tour has concluded, culminating in a pair of passionate performances at Reaper Festival in Derby. Thirty-five dates in fourteen countries over six weeks, with the final UK stretch booked and managed by myself. Ably assisted by promoters and venues up and down the country, and many superb supports. This tour was…

  • Propaganda Transmission 1: Cthonic Odio UK Tour

    Propaganda Transmission 1: Cthonic Odio UK Tour

    Introducing PROPAGANDA TRANSMISSIONs, a semi regular series of short videos to showcase new projects, give production updates, and feature other artists I appreciate. Brief snippets of work, statements of intent, and more to come. For the first episode, we feature the Cthonic Odio UK Tour, with on the road messages from NervoChaos and Violentor.

  • Cthonic Odio Tour: Violentor

    Cthonic Odio Tour: Violentor

    VIOLENTOR were born in 2004 from the mind of Alessio Medici, and his will to play raw and fast Thrash Metal influenced by the Metal Gods of the past. A “No Rest for Metal” band in its purest form, Violentor are always on the road, forever underground, and non-stop touring their 2022 album ‘Manifesto di…