• Subjugation Before Annihilation

    Subjugation Before Annihilation

    As DIOCLETIAN commence their European tour in Poland tonight; we announce an exclusive ‘Tour Edition’ advance of upcoming album Inexorable Wrath. This full-length vinyl will not be available elsewhere, having artwork and layout different from this Summer’s release. Limited to 250 copies, it is certain to fly from the merch stand across all territories. No…

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  • Osaka Kaos

    Osaka Kaos

    DIOCLETIAN laid waste to Osaka on Friday, with an thoroughly crushing performance at Socore Factory. Osaka Luciferian Kommando delivered an unforgettable opening salvo for the following nights’ Nuclear War Now! / Hospital Fest. With the likes of Blasphemy and Beherit in town to give their all, the Cult once more proved Eternal. There’s only three…

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  • Bangkok Beheading

    Bangkok Beheading

    Last weekend saw DIOCLETIAN start their international tour with a bang. Joining Ross Bay Cult stalwarts Death Worship and Bloody Vengeance at God Beheading Live Ritual 2024 in Bangkok. With local bands on the bill, the gathering also brought in much anticipated artists from Singapore and Sri Lanka. Showcasing the very best of a region…

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  • One Month to Annhiliation

    One Month to Annhiliation

    With four weeks remaining until DIOCLETIAN breach British shores, there have been a few revisions to the original sortie. The Bristol date has now SOLD OUT, assuredly offering a rammed night upstairs at The Gryphon. With other dates creeping close to capacity, the time to grab a ticket is now – before it’s too late.…

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  • Hails to the Half Million

    Hails to the Half Million

    HeathenStorm Productions offer hearty congratulations to Trivax for the success of their video clip from album opener Azrael (عزرائیل). An anti-authoritarian statement of intent, empowered by their experience of musical oppression in Iran and elsewhere. Energetically shot by Morbid Angle and released last July, it has already topped half a million views on YouTube. Drawing…

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  • Compulsive Necrophilia in the UK

    Compulsive Necrophilia in the UK

    The Grim Bell tolls thrice in July, as the coldest of funeral ceremonies offer contrast to Summer’s grace. Conspiring with Killtown Bookings, alongside Subterranean Promotions and Paralytic Promotions, HeathenStorm Productions do their part to bring forth cult Italian Doom Metal veterans ABYSMAL GRIEF to the UK. Tour support is provided by PANTHEÏST, with local doom…

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  • London locked in

    London locked in

    The lineup for the London show has locked in nicely, with kudos to Morbid Angle for curating such a barbaric bill. Joining DIOCLETIAN and TRIVAX on stage we have BLOOD CHALICE (FI) and GORGON VOMIT (UK). A stacked bill for a Tuesday, so make sure to turn up early for an evening of apocalyptic excess!…

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  • Nexian March

    Nexian March

    Much gratitude to the many promoters and venues who’ve already been in contact to take on this spring’s DIOCLETIAN UK tour. We’re reviewing the offers over the weekend and will get back in touch with everyone once we’ve hammered out the routing. In the meantime, an opening salvo from new album “Inexorable Nexus”, out this…

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  • My Week with the Mentors

    My Week with the Mentors

    This was never going to be an easy tour. Trouble started once the announcement was made, with a clandestine call to cancel one of the shows leaving me on the backfoot towards finding a replacement. Having support bands become less available than hoped also threw some surprises my way. With energies devoted to resolving the…

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  • Free Fix – Live!

    Free Fix – Live!

    Filmed on the last night of the Mentors tour at Ye Olde Salutation Inn, Nottingham. If anyone has footage from any of the shows, get in touch and send it in!

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  • The Reviews are In!

    The Reviews are In!

    “No hate to Scream & Shake Horror Bar or Hot Pink Sewage, but mentors acted out of line tonight, flashed ass and pubes at an 18 year old, and laughed about it afterwards, and had to be told to piss off multiple times King’s of sleaze indeed, sleaze bags”

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  • Under the Hood

    Under the Hood

    It’s been a frantic few weeks pulling everything together for the MENTORS tour, with complete line-ups only secured as the New Year ticked into being. An exhausting endeavour, although I’m never one to back away from such challenge. Given timing and circumstance, I knew this wouldn’t be an easy ride. Cancellations and complaints forced swift…

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