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  • 18.07.24 – TBA, Glasgow (FB)
  • 20.07.24 – TBA, London (FB)
  • 19.07.24 – The Spinning Top, Stockport (FB)
  • 03.08.24 – The Fenton, Leeds (FB / Tickets)
  • 20.09.24 – Varjorbaari, Tampere (FB)
  • 21.09.24 – Nirvana, Turku (FB / Tickets)
  • 22.09.24 – Poppari, Jyväskylä (FB)

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  • A map of Europe with arrows pointing from Berlin and Madrid to Newcastle.

    With both Madrid and Berlin cleaved asunder tonight, DIOCLETIAN and TRIVAX are soon airbourne to England to bring the destruction home. All dates are locked and loaded, and we are all raring to get on the road. The opening assault converges in Newcastle tomorrow night, for a Saturday sortie to remember. The Exclusive Tour Vinyl…

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  • The Torture of Saint George. Altichiero da Zevio, 14th century.

    Lydda, Palestine. Year 303 in the Common Era. The Roman Emperor, emboldened by a will to restore the glory of old, has declared an edict to persecute and punish the encroaching Christian faith. A young Cappadocian tribune, a believer, refuses to comply and speaks out against the decree. For his defiance, this once-trusted soldier is…

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  • Diocletian - Inexorable Nexus (Bandcamp edition)

    With the exclusive Tour Vinyl edition of DIOCLETIAN‘s ‘Inexorable Nexus’ flying off merch stands through Europe, Nuclear War Now! have released the whole thing onto Bandcamp. Seven tracks of raw yet compelling barbarism await the listener, with the epic ‘Heathen Siege I-III’ a particular standout to these ears. Already earning accolades from early appraisers such…

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  • Shayan (Trivax) holding a photo of Mahsa Amini.

    “They paid the ultimate price for their freedom, and we become their voice.” With the eyes of the world focused on Middle East escalation last weekend, it was with timely prescience that TRIVAX unveiled their video ‘Against all Opposition’. Released mere hours before missiles took flight, it presents a scathing critique of the Iranian regime.…

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  • Diocletian - Inexorable Wrath. “Subjugation before Annihilation Tour Edition”.

    As DIOCLETIAN commence their European tour in Poland tonight; we announce an exclusive ‘Tour Edition’ advance of upcoming album Inexorable Wrath. This full-length vinyl will not be available elsewhere, having artwork and layout different from this Summer’s release. Limited to 250 copies, it is certain to fly from the merch stand across all territories. No…

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  • Diocletian, with members of Blasphemy, Beherit and Witchcraft. Osaka, Japan.

    DIOCLETIAN laid waste to Osaka on Friday, with an thoroughly crushing performance at Socore Factory. Osaka Luciferian Kommando delivered an unforgettable opening salvo for the following nights’ Nuclear War Now! / Hospital Fest. With the likes of Blasphemy and Beherit in town to give their all, the Cult once more proved Eternal. There’s only three…

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  • Deitus / Blood Countess / Deus Vermin - The Fenton, Leeds. Saturday 3rd August.

    This August, HeathenStorm Productions herald a night of Black Metal mayhem at The Fenton in Leeds. In association with Subterranean Promotions, three of England’s finest join forces to deliver a bloody assault to the senses. Straight to the throat and without limitation, both the old-school sound and a deeper darkness will be honoured. Savagery lurks…

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  • Solstice in Finland, 20th-22nd September 2024. With tour support from Cardinal's Folly.

    Veteran Finnish concert bookers Metal Warning will bring SOLSTICE to Suomi this September. Taking in Tampere, Turku, and Jyväskylä for an unforgettable weekend of Epic Heavy Metal and rampant ribaldry. Riding out for all three dates are deranged pagan sons Cardinals Folly, with local supports locking down in the months to come. We’re working on…

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  • Diocletian, Death Worship and others at Ayutthaya Temple, Thailand. Photo by Whathayakorn Atipayak.

    Last weekend saw DIOCLETIAN start their international tour with a bang. Joining Ross Bay Cult stalwarts Death Worship and Bloody Vengeance at God Beheading Live Ritual 2024 in Bangkok. With local bands on the bill, the gathering also brought in much anticipated artists from Singapore and Sri Lanka. Showcasing the very best of a region…

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  • Diocletian / Trivax UK Tour, Starting Saturday April 27th

    With four weeks remaining until DIOCLETIAN breach British shores, there have been a few revisions to the original sortie. The Bristol date has now SOLD OUT, assuredly offering a rammed night upstairs at The Gryphon. With other dates creeping close to capacity, the time to grab a ticket is now – before it’s too late.…

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  • Darkher @ The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge. Saturday 9th March 2024.

    Although I’m often to be found helping out local siren DARKHER in all my usual capacities, last weekend reminded me just why the music draws me in. The final dates of an intimate candlelit tour alongside GRIFT and CARCASS OF SIGHS, it fell to Stephen and Karen of The Velvet Sheep to handle merchandise and…

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  • Trivax - Azrael. 500,000 views.

    HeathenStorm Productions offer hearty congratulations to Trivax for the success of their video clip from album opener Azrael (عزرائیل). An anti-authoritarian statement of intent, empowered by their experience of musical oppression in Iran and elsewhere. Energetically shot by Morbid Angle and released last July, it has already topped half a million views on YouTube. Drawing…

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