The Right Time has Come

June 2024

The Right Time has Come

Had anyone asked at the start of the year if I would find myself sharing a stage with the legendary Arthur Brown, let alone sharing a record label, then I would have laughed heartily at such a suggestion.

But it’s been a very strange year for SOLSTICE, one with too little laughter for my liking. Weathering a co-ordinated trial of malicious defamation and weaponised grudges, my bandmates and I have endured. Endeavours outside the band have also withstood associated sabotage, and my own work continues unabashed.

To that end, I want to thank all those who stand by us in private and in public; and especially Martin at Prophecy for his trust and support of the band despite the naysayers. Such a statement is proof itself that the accusations have no base in reality.

I shall also ‘thank’ those who joined in the dogpile, spewing petty online allegations in failed attempts to smear, then deleting their weasel words after the truth of things came to light. Their pseudo-pious virtue signalling, mewled from behind the cowardice of keyboards, has proved we are still very much a band worth talking about!

Both Solstice and WOLCENSMEN will play this year’s Prophecy Festival, and I look forward to what may come within the cave and without.

After many decades in and out of a handful of projects, it feels strange to be formally signed to a label as prestigious as Prophecy.

Does this mean I’m now a “professional” musician?

Solstice sign to Prophecy Productions

Prophecy Fest – Balver Höhle, Germany. September 5-7 2024