End of the Tour

The Chthonic Odio European tour has concluded, culminating in a pair of passionate performances at Reaper Festival in Derby. Thirty-five dates in fourteen countries over six weeks, with the final UK stretch booked and managed by myself. Ably assisted by promoters and venues up and down the country, and many superb supports.

This tour was my greatest endeavour so far, and there was much trepidation. Naysayers nagged as they always do, eager to tear down potential than support possibility. Scoffing that I’d overstretched with unearned experience, that it would all fall apart in disaster.

It didn’t.

Of course there were challenges on the road. Heightened tempers and harsh words. Unknown Unknowns cropping up at inconvenient times. Issues and setbacks communicated and resolved through quick thinking and flexibility, with valuable lessons learned for the next tour.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with two laid-back yet professional international acts. Veterans of the road, they appreciated my relaxed competence, reliability, and an enriched itinerary that covered more than just getting from show to show. My efforts were thanked many times along the way, and I am glad I could make them all feel welcome.

The bandmembers are safely en-route to their homelands, if not there already, and I think back on the tour with humility and gratitude. Thankful for both bands’ willingness to work with me on this, and to share their own experiences and advice. Although some turn-outs were low, those who made the effort were treated to an evening of fine music and memorable mayhem.

An alchemist once told me not to believe in hope. That all we are responsible for is the consequence of our actions. But sometimes we need to take a chance, to leap into the void of unknowing and see where we land. It is in these acts of doing that we find ourselves tested, and perhaps become better through the process.

There will be further tours under the HeathenStorm Productions banner.

No apologies.

NervoChaos / Violentor - Cthonic Odio UK Tour, July 2023