The road to Mount Doom

July 2023

The road to Mount Doom

Looking back at a victorious weekend working with American Doom Metal legends Orodruin, supporting Yorkshire’s Iron Void on the first leg of their 25th Anniversary UK tour. Driving, loading, and handling merch and door duties for a trio of riff-heavy shows in Bradford, London and Bristol.

Life on the road is seldom smooth, and there were a few challenges amid the celebrations. But together the fellowship endured, and I earned plenty more experience handling the trials of touring and driving bigger vans. It was a welcome bonus to take in some sightseeing along the way.

The tour goes ever on, with another four dates later in the week. As for me, I’m stepping back to work on the NervoChaos / Violentor tour that comes to the UK in seven days – making sure everything’s prepared for an even more ambitious adventure.

I would definitely recommend aficionados of the heavy to check out this tour as it hits the North. Schedule willing, I’ll be at the York date to send them off in style.