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  • The Spirit of Sound and Sincerity

    The Spirit of Sound and Sincerity

    As counterpoint to the synth-heavy soundscapes of Trismegistus Hex, we choose to incorporate ancient instruments into the mix. Grounding the rite and providing an alternate take on percussion. Although recently crafted in Poland by NlGHTJART, these throw-bags are used in the traditional style. Filled with pine seeds and dried rowan berries, (facets of Northern nature […]

  • Cthonic Odio Tour: Cabeças Cortadas

    Cthonic Odio Tour: Cabeças Cortadas

    TUES 25 The Black Heart, London + Cabeças Cortadas Venue • Facebook • Tickets Opening July’s Cthonic Odio UK Tour at Camden’s infamous Black Heart are CABEÇAS CORTADAS. London based, but Brazilian by heart, they honour their 80s hardcore crossover roots with pride. Translating to “Severed Heads” in Portuguese, necks will snap and fists fly…

  • There Is No Tomorrow

    There Is No Tomorrow

    Principal photography has begun on my most ambitious video project yet. Working with Progressive Gothic Rock band Dawn of Elysium on a combination of music video and sci-fi short. More details will be released as the project develops, but the first day of shooting was a tremendous success. Working in Studio Five at Keighley’s Jam On Top…

  • A Tale of Two Triangles

    A Tale of Two Triangles

    Recently, Trismegistus Hex have been made aware of “Par Antra II: TAA”, the latest release by long-established Finnish Ritual Ambient project Halo Manash. We were understandably concerned by the similarity of the artwork of this release to our 2022 EP “Invocations under a Dark Star” – and to a lesser extent the layout of our…

  • Cthonic Odio Tour: Violentor

    Cthonic Odio Tour: Violentor

    VIOLENTOR were born in 2004 from the mind of Alessio Medici, and his will to play raw and fast Thrash Metal influenced by the Metal Gods of the past. A “No Rest for Metal” band in its purest form, Violentor are always on the road, forever underground, and non-stop touring their 2022 album ‘Manifesto di…

  • Doom Shall Rise!

    Doom Shall Rise!

    HeathenStorm Productions are on the road this weekend with cult Chilean doomsters King Heavy, taking in both UK dates of their brief jaunt to Europe alongside Yorkshire’s own Iron Void. Although I’m not doing much at Friday’s Wakefield show other than looking pretty and maybe hawking a shirt or two; duty demands I drive them…

  • Cthonic Odio Tour: NervoChaos

    Cthonic Odio Tour: NervoChaos

    Outside countries tend to look at South-American countries as “exotic”. But we can assure you there’s nothing exotic about having 95% of the population struggling for basic needs, high crime rates and government after government doing nothing to change the situation – in fact, following their own agenda to keep the ball rolling. This is…

  • Announcing the Cthonic Odio UK Tour

    Announcing the Cthonic Odio UK Tour

    It is with great pleasure that HeathenStorm Productions announce the UK leg of the upcoming Cthonic Odio Tour. Featuring Brazilian Death Metal veterans NervoChaos and Italian Speed Thrashers Violentor, an intimate night of unbridled brutality is assured wherever the tour lands – with an old school ticket price to match! Working tirelessly alongside Tumba Produções and Etrurian…

  • A Shortcut to Gnosis

    A Shortcut to Gnosis

    Fresh from the positive reception of published debut “The Womb of the Wyrm“, Equinox kindly requested a second story. This one for their follow-up Esoteric Horror anthology “Tras el Velo” (Under the Veil) I naturally leapt at the opportunity to work with the publishers again. Once more, I would submit my prose in English, and…

  • The Womb of the Wyrm

    The Womb of the Wyrm

    Back in 2015, I was approached by Spanish eBook publishers Equinox to contribute a short story to their Esoteric Horror anthology “Junto a la Hoguera” (By the Bonfire) Having churned out reasonable prose through earlier endeavours, the challenge was eagerly accepted. The editors would translate my scribblings into their native tongue, so I could relax…