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  • 18.07.24 – TBA, Glasgow (FB)
  • 20.07.24 – TBA, London (FB)
  • 19.07.24 – The Spinning Top, Stockport (FB)
  • 03.08.24 – The Fenton, Leeds (FB / Tickets)
  • 20.09.24 – Varjorbaari, Tampere (FB)
  • 21.09.24 – Nirvana, Turku (FB / Tickets)
  • 22.09.24 – Poppari, Jyväskylä (FB)

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Latest Posts

  • PANTHEÏST - Kings Must Die (excerpt). Filmed at Aatma, Manchester. 8th July 2024

    Attendees to the Compulsive Necrophilia UK tour were treated to an utterly electrifying performance by Pantheïst. Although I could only capture a fragment of final epic opus “Kings Must Die”, these eight and a half minutes reflect the captivating energy of their Progressive Funeral Doom.

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  • House of the Holy. Neudegg Alm, Abtenau. Summer Solstice 2024

    I was not alone for Midsummer. It had been a hard year for many. Some had lost those dear, and others still had lost part of themselves. The abrasion of existence scratching away at the best of us, compelling cruelty and distrust through uncertain times. A common burden, one often and needlessly borne alone. Thoughts…

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  • Had anyone asked at the start of the year if I would find myself sharing a stage with the legendary Arthur Brown, let alone sharing a record label, then I would have laughed heartily at such a suggestion. But it’s been a very strange year for SOLSTICE, one with too little laughter for my liking.…

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  • On the beach at Littlehaven, South Shields. June 2024.

    With a full half-century now behind me, it seems appropriate to mark the moment and look ahead to what remains of the future. My birthdays always bring with them a twinge of melancholy, and this year has been no different. These past months have been weary to body and soul, stressful for many reasons obvious…

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  • Destroyer 666, Solstice, Necro Ritual. July 2024.

    Announcing a short run of UK shows for SOLSTICE this July. Heading out on the road with Australian anarchists DESTRÖYER 666 and London Black Metal heretics NECRO RITUAL, this line-up will lay waste to Glasgow and London on the 18th and 20th July. We headline an additional date in Stockport on the 19th with local…

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  • Valr Kjósa of Trismegistus Hex

    Wishing the very best of Birthdays to Valr Kjósa. Shadowmother, Stormcrow, and shaker of all things acoustic in Trismegistus Hex. As her special day falls upon the New Moon this year, we are reminded that Gemini season is definitely upon us. Reinforcing the themes of duality present in our work. Ever creative, Valr has recently…

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  • "Via Omega" Issue 6. August-October 2017.

    With two weeks to go until the annual Alpine pilgrimage to Neudegg Alm and the House of the Holy gathering, I reflect upon one of my rare dabbles into journalism. Back in 2017, the festival had changed. Previously known as ‘Funkenflug’, this year would have it renamed to the current form, and with it a…

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  • Abysmal Grief - Compulsive Necrophilia UK Tour

    A short video to promote the upcoming ‘Compulsive Necrophilia‘ tour, exhuming Italian Funeral Cultists ABYSMAL GRIEF into the UK this July. Main support for this leg will be from PANTHEÏST, with local Doom acts opening each bill. Together they’ll take in Bristol, Manchester and Brighton before the headliners return to Europe and onwards to Metal…

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  • NervoChaos (Brazil) playing Vortex Bar and Nightclub in Wakefield. July 2023.

    It is sad in recent weeks to learn of the sudden and permanent closure of Wakefield’s Vortex Bar and Nightclub. Having put on a few shows in recent times, and playing there myself with Solstice, I was immediately impressed by the quality of both sound and staging. A professional, talented crew always worked hard with…

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  • Diocletian's Palace. Split, Croatia

    The dust has settled on the English leg of the DIOCLETIAN tour. Five dates of utter devastation across the country. Filling venues to capacity almost every night, with those who missed out eager for more. Ending the tour with the debut UK performance of ABRAXXUM was an inspired conclusion, but each and every show delivered…

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  • Abraxxum live at “Negative Frequencies Over Siam”, with Ryan Forster on vocals.

    With the DIOCLETIAN tour selling out across the UK, we’ve saved a little treat for the final show in Birmingham. Discordant, dissonant, and utterly compelling, we present ABRAXXUM. Occult Power Electronics and Ritual Darkness. A rare (if only) opportunity to witness their Great Work. The Steel Jaws of Choronzom close tight.

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  • Diocletian and Trivax, outside the Little Buildings in Newcastle.

    DIOCLETIAN and TRIVAX are now in the country, and the campaign is very much underway. Tonight the iron fist lays siege to Newcastle, with the bands set up and ready to destroy. We are well on our way to a full house tonight. An auspicious start to the tour and one well earned.

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